Benedikte Bjerre and Johannes Büttner
21 Jul. - 5 Aug. 2018

The record of the plough was insignificant, like the feeble scratches on stone left by prehistoric races, so indeterminate that they may, after all, be only markings of glaciers, and not a record of human striving.*

A few days ago Shridhar Chillal, world record holder for having the longest fingernails, ended his career by clipping them off. After 66 years of growing and gardening the nails on his left hand they reached a total length of 8,86 meter. But what comes after success? What are second career plans after someone has reached the peak and is the best? The Maradona effect? Dedication sometimes takes over doubts and hesitations and lets us go further. Are we dedicated to challenges and competitions? And with whom do we compete? 

Kantine is pleased to announce the opening of Harvester by Johannes Büttner and Benedikte Bjerre. Bjerre and Büttner utilize a mix of sculptural and performative elements to focus on the precarious and thrilling conditions of contemporary life and cultural production. The exhibition has been developed over the last few months and was produced within the space of Kantine in the past week.


* O Pioneers! Willa Cather, 1913

'2018 III,' 2018, plasterboard, ink, PVC glue
'2018 IV,' 2018, plasterboard, ink, PVC glue
'Harvester,' 2018, plasterboard, tide pods, zip ties