Sydney laisse la patate chaude refroidir
Daniel Jacoby
22 Apr. - 10 May 2018

Try this: take another’s favourite clothes for a day, wear them like they would, assume the posture of the garments. Search along the sleeves for perspiration. Investigate between the legs of the jeans to establish the gait and form of the wearer. How high and how carefully are the sleeves typically rolled? In details we can find habit, gesture, intention. Cut along the form, expanded by it, stuffed into it. 


Check the threaded buttons for signs of stress and heat. Explore the bumpy and worn insole for toe imprints. Follow the sole of the shoe and look for creases which indicate their style of walking. Afterwards attempt to find traces of your friend in your own clothes and remind yourself of them through them. Them are here, and so are you. Buttoned onto my waist, hanging on to your shoulders, laced and softened around my bony feet.

'Sydney laisse la patate chaude refroidir,' 2018, clothing, foam, wood