G. Küng
24 Oct. 2020 - 17 Jan. 2021

These photographs are contact prints made from rubbings. I hold Mylar film over an object and, with a gloved hand, rub graphite powder over the surface until I get the impression I want. Light can travel through the Mylar, so the rubbings become negatives which I can expose photographically. Translating the drawing in this way means that the photographic result is 1:1 scale with the original impression.


The acetate boxes were made by my late uncle Werner Küng in the mid 1970s. My father had sent some work his way to make packaging prototypes for a company in their hometown of Wollen, Switzerland. I never had a relationship with my uncle. Werner worked as an art teacher; he had a troubled and tragic life. I found the boxes recently at my parents home in New York.

G. Küng 'Big Hand,' 2020, Self hardening clay
G. Küng 'Little Door Opening,' 2020, Silver gelatin fiber print / 'Little Door,' 2020, Silver gelatin fiber print
Werner Küng (1932-1987) Packaging prototypes c. 1974, Acetate
G. Küng 'Car Door Handle 2,' 2020, Silver gelatin fiber print
G. Küng 'Car Door Handle 1,' 2020, Silver gelatin fiber print
G. Küng 'Agila Red 1,' 2020, C-print

Exhibition photography by Lola Pertsowsky