Inscape at sunrise

Carlotta Bailly-Borg 
Vanessa Disler
Rémi Lambert
Fiona Mackay
Gijs Milius
 Nancy Moreno

Curated by Aukje Koks and Perri MacKenzie

July 1 - July 15, 2018

Rémi Lambert, Sad Fire, acrylic on canvas, 2018

Fiona Mackay, Burning up (sunrise), water-soluble dye on cotton synthetic mix, 2018

Vanessa Disler, 
Devil’s Beard, oil and oil bar on canvas, 2018 

Gijs Milius, Uit de hand gelopen hobby, oil pastel on paper, 2018 

Carlotta Bailly-Borg, Magnétique, acrylic and silk paper on canvas, 2018

Nancy Moreno, Aube grise, oil on wood panel, 2018

Rémi Lambert, Fire (metalhead in corpse paint), acrylic on canvas, 2018

Vanessa Disler, Lunar Bush, oil and oil bar on canvas, 2018 


1am BC
 (CBB, NM) Painting begins in primordial ooze. Silky parts float within. It’s dawn in the construction of the world, the light is buff darkness. In the dawn of painting, the parts are evenly distributed in the murky light and secured with inks and glues. In the beginning there was raw canvas, construction paper, moonshine, and wet sand.

5am Lucid dream (CBB) Sea Forms climbed on shore one day, and after that they could never resist doing it again. They were seduced by shore because shore felt so good and ticklish on their bellies. It scratched them in places they could not reach, so they declared shore sacred. A few Forms thought it was taboo to feel the tickle so they stayed in sea. Separation commenced.


8am Wake-up (VD) Cardiovascular gravity. Rising and rooting yellow energy that rises up and spreads out. A breeze rushes in smelling of pragmatism and open vowels.


8:30am Waking motif (VD) I look down at my expansive body, a canvas. Slashes build into a form that grows up and down. Oh, Happy anger! An ancient form with hairs or trees, demarcations. This line is a leg or a line between the legs. The Eiffel Tower: the thighs of a crouching female sky.


11am Ascent (FM) The seatbelt sign has been switched off. Flipping through the in-flight magazine…. ascending and dozing. Dreaming of voids and ovoids….A bleeding caress, a blurred association. Spilling airline orange juice all over your lap, and it looks like a sun.


NOON Half of a circle  (VD) The D shape is a controversial form in itself. Why is a D not a ? A circle brutally split in half by a vertical line, as if putting a stop to a turning wheel. The sound imitates a stop. Pronounced in a space with a lot of echo, the sound does not return like an O would. Reading from left to right maybe a  would echo differently; initiating an O but breaking it off halfway. A signature once started as a whole name but is now a nervy line, in which haste is the strongest character trait.


3pm The Noonday Demon (GM) Setting: Afternoon studio, stuffy atmosphere. The Phone rings. The artist picks up. Call me? Call you? Not calling. He stands in the atelier. His hand cradles cartilage, echoing an ear, gesturing air and silent sound…Scream is how Edvard Munch said he felt but is that scream face Edvard Munch?


3:30pm Phone a friend (GM) Hi, can I tell you a Spanish joke about your name? OK, it goes like this: There was a fox running through the fields, and a fox in Spanish is zorroAnd there was a dog (perro) also running through the fields. They weren’t looking where they were going, and they collided into each other! The fox said, I’m sorry; the dog said, I’m Perri.

5 pm Outside (CBB) Rush hour. Running into a crowd, half going north, the other half going south. Crowds create currents and whirlwinds. Countering crowds caress sleeves and shoulders and on a sunny day they collectively smile in an absent way.


5 .30 pm Inside (RL) A bottle of water at the alimentation générale. Smiles and orders eau. Feels the cold blue liquid. Water is only blue in large amounts, like in a lake. Red, orange and yellow colors get absorbed by the water. When light from the sun enters any body of water, it’s the blues that get returned.


6pm Apérotunity (CBB) The studio is spacious and the hot evening sun wallows in dust motes, enlarging this moment. Her personality of a drawing style is carved up into a dance of canvases. To sip from a crate of beer in an atelier is an Opportunity!


10pm Descend (FM) It is said that Cleopatra, the last active Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, slept under a silky mosquito net. It was needed; the land was green and fertile. The blue Egyptian lotus and papyrus grew side by side in pleasure gardens of fruit and shaded trees. The sun god Ra lived in one of those lilies, emerging in the morning and descending in the evening. The lily would gently open her petals, spreading them in ancient waters, letting him out to rise up and embracing him again in his descent.  


10:30pm The Night Shift (RL) He is sitting in the kitchen at the end of a long shift. Cold milk splashes and sogs, the crunch of each mouthful is a count down towards the end of the day despite the night. His head, soaked in yellow lamplight, droops and casts a shadow over the bowl. He sighs. It's time to put the fire to bed.

11pm Highway (NM) The hot air at the surface of the road and the denser cool air above it create a mirage-gradient of layers of air. The long highway is grey but was paved black. The asphalt was freshly sealed from water with tiny bits of recycled glass and mirror. But as it aged, the asphalt lost its seal. It was polished by raindrops, massaged by rubber tires, whipped by wind, and warped by tree roots and other things moving underground.


11:59pm Endless night (RL) It’s dark. There's no light, only fire. Someone once asked an android if he was alive. He replies, is fire alive?

Midnight Quick, vast sleep (CBB, VD, RL, FM, GM, NM*)  No space, no time, and then BOOM. Gravitational waves bleed away orbital energy, forming crusty layers over soaked surface, an after-boiling gaseous purplebrown sandcastle structure. The galaxy is alight from the creation of burning paintings.


-Aukje Koks and Perri MacKenzie, 2018

*initials refer to the artists

All photos courtesy Lola Pertsowsky