Joseph Kusendila

2 September - 10 October, 2020




Strombeek, 2020, c-print, 10 x 15 cm

Mirrors, 2020, nine mirror tiles, 1,58 x 1,49 m

The East or the West, 2020, c-print, 20,7 x 30 cm


Trompete, 2020, part of a Sonata flute, broom holder, 43 cm



Etat des lieux, 2020, wooden wall cabinet with two glass doors, piano lacquer, bottles of cologne, urine, water, metronome, trumpet lubricant, sunflower seeds, plaster otter, American Express sticker, 36 x 17,5 x 61 cm






Citadelle, 2020, framed c-print, 38 cm x 20,8 cm

Corrective, 2020, sound, tuning piano, 10 hours looped


55 doigts, 2020, Chinese graphite on tiles, variable dimensions


Sloan, 2020, vinyl sticker on window, variable dimensions


Sloan is an early Irish patronym which means expedition, invasion, warrior.

Ex: 'Former Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan dies at 78'

Sloan is also a name that has been used by parents who are considering baby names for boys.

I read it all somewhere.

It also could have been the name of the otter.

It's for sure an anagram of salon. You can certainly find others.

NB The first thing you see when you stand in the corridor, facing the entrance, might be a flute.

Then maybe, you can also hear the sound of a piano being tuned behind some door.

Some things are gone now, by my hands I thought.

Still a smell of cologne.

Exhibition photos: Fabrice Schneider